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Where else can you get this close to some of the planet's most fascinating creatures?  Swim with giant green sea turtles, see octopus, moray eels and tropical fish.  Learn about dolphins, rays, monk seals and humback whales.  And don't forget the sailing, scuba diving and fishing;  the sea will never seem the same again.

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Prepare to be greeted by giant green sea turtles swimming on a living coral reef teaming with tropical fish swimming about you on your underwater adventure.  If you're really lucky, you might also see Humpback Whales, Spinner Dolphins, the elusive Monk Seal, or even a shark!scuba diving in Waikiki Oahu


Hawaii Scuba Diving Tours                      

with the experts

  • Cool Blue Scuba aims to inspire our divers, young and old, to conserve, preserve, and protect nature's creation on every dive we make.

  • If you're looking for true ocean experiences and adventures, join us to see some of the coolest places in Hawaii, and get your PADI scuba diving training and certification at some of the amazing underwater lava formations, shipwrecks andcoral reef locations.

  • Daily programs include scuba diving training, scuba diving adventures, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and whale watching adventures for individuals, families and groups.

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In Oahu, the northeast trade winds, averaging 12 mph, occur about 90% of the time in the summer and about 50% of the time in the winter. They keep humidity at a minimum and ensure moderate temperatures, especially on the windward, unlike other tropical islands closer to the equator.

These cooling winds are created because warm air rises near the equator, flows northward through the upper atmosphere, and cools. Because it becomes heavier as it cools, it falls back to the earth’s surface at about 30 degrees latitude, where it flows back toward the equator to replace more rising warm air. This creates cool PADI Scuba Diving Hawaiibreezes moving from the northeast to the southwest along the ocean’s surface, and over the Hawaiian Islands.

Water conditions always dictate the adventure for the day.  But whether its snorkeling, shore diving on a shipwreck or a reef, or just enjoying the scenery, every day is a unique opportunity of discovery at the coolest ocean adventure locations in Oahu.  It's your turn to have fun exploring Hawaii's beautiful vast ocean environment.